Type of industry
Service Sector

CTL GmbH (Chemical-Techological Laboratories), with its two sites in Bielefeld and Gütersloh, Germany, conducts toxic and technological analysis textile goods such as suitcases, bags, belts, etc. cosmetics such as tattoo inks, permanent make-up, and toys, coloured crayons, packaging materials and much more. Using a 4D solution developed in-house, CTL manages its order management across all its sites from estimate through billing. Data entry is performed at the labs via iPad, with data processed to the server via 4D Web. The system is extended with 4D Write for quality management and work instruction functions, and CLT's literature database is also run on 4D. This ERP system replaced various individual software packages, eliminating duplicate data entry and costly data transfers, while driving down total software and administration costs and increasing efficiency. All of CTL's systems run on Mac OS X.