New in 4D v17 R5


Encryption. Taking the security of your business even further.

Increase your security level with built-in encryption.

Easily protect and retrieve user’s or customer’s sensitive data automatically, with a single click! Discover the new built-in encryption at the table level. Encryption covering everything from the datafile to the indexes, to the journal and backup. Simple to use via the MSC and fully controllable via programming. Having all files encrypted makes external or cloud backups safe, secure, and straightforward.

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4D View Pro

4D View Pro. An integrated ribbon that goes all out.

Move faster with a powerful and feature-rich toolbar.

Say hello to the new ribbon-style toolbar. A modern command-bar to help finding, understanding, and using commands efficiently and directly. Enhanced UI, increased discoverability of functions, and quick access to multiple commands are the order of the day.

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4D for iOS

4D for iOS. Packed with more possibilities.

Create more engaging apps with these features.

With Actions, updating records on the server from your iOS app is now possible. For example, set tasks as completed or finished or flag events to be checked, all with the swipe of a finger or by simply selecting an action from a menu. It's as simple as that.
With the pull-to-refresh gesture, getting instantly-updated data is now even more intuitive.

Thanks to incremental data synchronization, get drastically faster data updates on local devices by only receiving modified (updated, removed, or added) records.

The first step towards relations support is here: N to one relation.

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Write Pro

4D Write Pro. Simple, yet so powerful.

Build advanced and complex documents with ease.

Links are taken to new heights. Can they launch the execution of 4D code or simply move the cursor to a different area in the same document? Yes, they can!  

Thirteen viewing options (e.g. zoom, spell checking, page frames, etc.) can now be set and get by programming. Even better, these settings can be saved and re-applied later.

Several commands have been simplified. They're now more flexible, allowing passing not only ranges as a parameter, but also other document parts (e.g. headers, footers, or even full documents). Plus, there's no more confusion about how to set tabs, and the related commands have been reworked too.

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ORDA and the 4D language. Mighty advances to discover.

Write high quality, scalable code.

For those who need to use object fields to read external records via ODBC, this R-release brings good news! Now you can do exactly that, thanks to the updated ODBC driver and SQL engine.

The dimensions of ORDA are still growing. From taking advantage of optimized performance in client/server mode, to writing generic, centralized, and reusable code that is easily updated.

We love objects and their power has been extended to files and folders. Working with them has never been easier! That's not all, we’ve also added information about the URL used by web processes for better diagnostics. You save time and reduce confusion thanks to the ability to set a user alias instead of the 4D user account name.

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Other improvements

Other improvements. Expanding the definition of performance.

Discover the significant enhancements we have in store for you.

Have you tried to run multiple clients connected to the same database on a single computer? If so, this feature is for you. Now there's no more need for any special configuration, just run the clients and it’ll work.

4D’s internal architecture has been enhanced and now processor usage is fully optimized in simultaneous read/write accesses. Don't be surprised if you notice 4 to 8xs faster performance.

This R-release is the first 64-bit only version. Based on modern Windows and macOS architectures, many libraries have been enhanced with a focus on new features, more secure systems, and better performance. The future is 64-bit, and that future is now. 

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